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Running is a very good exercise and one of the most effective, calorie burning exercises. But what if you done feel like running around your neighbourhood or want to try something completely new? These exercises burn more calories than running therefore if you are in for a change, go on and try any of them.

  1. Jumping rope

It is taken as a kid’s game but it has a very remarkable effect on the adults as well. It is the exercise that burns the most amount of calories in a minute. And another great advantage is that it is portable, it can be done from anywhere at any time. It also helps improve heart rate, metabolism and helps greatly in body detoxification since it involves sweating.

  1. Burpees

This is a sequential exercise that goes from squatting, kicking the feet back, pushing up, squatting again and lastly standing and then jumping. The sequence is then repeated for like 10 times

  1. Boxing

Boxing is great exercise; can u imagine it burns 727 calories per hour? And it doesn’t stop at that, it also works greatly on your arms and also leaves you feeling strong and able to defend yourself in any condition.

  1. Kettle bell swing

Hold kettle bell with both hands, keep spine neutral, hike the kettle bell your legs and use the strength from your legs and use the strength from your legs and gluteus to swing it out at chest level. Hands fully extended, hike kettle back between legs and repeat with a different arm

  1. Walking uphill with a load

All you have to do is fill your backpack with weights or rocks and walk up any somewhat steep hill. This exercise burns up to 415 calories per hour. It is also good for your legs, shoulders and back muscles.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is a great exercise and the beauty of it is that, the colder the water, the more calories burnt (but then don’t freeze yourself up please). It works well on the whole body and doesn’t put a lot of stress on the joints. It also works well on the posterior and anterior core.

  1. Rowing

Whether indoor rowing (with the machine) or outdoors, rowing is an incredible exercise as it uses both the upper and lower body extremities at the same time. It also uses large muscles and burns more calories.

  1. Biking

Although it focuses more on the lower body, biking is an amazing exercise as well especially if it done uphill. It is better if you add clips in shoes so that you use the advantage of pulling to engage your posterior muscles. Also consider going to the gym to use air dyne to involve your upper body.

  1. Skiing

This is incredible because it uses both the upper and lower body, core and hips. Consider using a ski erg for an extra mile.

  1. Jump squat


Consider doing this for only five minutes a day. The beauty of it is that it burns 13.4 calories per minute! Amazing, right? Keep shoulders relaxed and spine in neutral position. The chest should be lifted as butt should stay above the knees. A great notice should be taken on the pelvic; it should be pointed. Propel yourself into a jump. Hands should point up a well during the jump and as you land, move hands to your hips and lower your body into a squat. This should be done for about 15 reps. Do sit ups as well.

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Written by AJ