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Having success and freedom from the regular 9-5 is pretty weird (in a strangely awesome way). For a long time, gaining our own success sounded like a pipe dream. Especially after listening to dozens of podcast episodes and reading cliche “How to Work Online” posts. But once we finally found that way to having success, everything changed.

We had a way to gain freedom, and it’s made so many doors open for us. And we know that when you find your way to financial and dream freedom (dream freedom’s a term, right?), your life will completely change. You’ll have a way to work from home and be with the family, stop commuting, travel full-time, and change other people’s lives. Isn’t that crazy awesome?

Freedom is something worth working towards; it’s empowering. And guess what? You can find a way to do it and we’ll show you exactly how.

Now Why Post an Income Report?

For a while, we’ve seen other bloggers talk about why they write income reports, so we thought we’d share why we do it too.

Income reports were a huge part of our inspiration in learning to blog and get our dream life, living anywhere. They were a place where bloggers opened up about how they made their income and the steps they took to get where they were today. So instead of just keeping their success to themselves, they laid it out for new (and not so new) bloggers. And we wanted to do that too!

They showed us how we could make income from ads and affiliates and how to easily sign up for hosting. These bloggers went out of their way to give us great tips on how to get started and what social media sites were needed to get great traffic. So of course, we wanted to show people how to have success blogging as well.

And down below, we’ll be giving you the steps and resources you need to get started!

Now About Us..

How We Made $3,000 in 3 Months After Launching

In early 2015, my husband Silas and I were broke newlyweds (very broke). We had heard about creating a side hustle (a job apart from your 9 to 5) from many online entrepreneurs. There were TONS of ideas, but nothing really seemed to quite fit (especially since we weren’t tech savvy at all).

That is until we listened to the The Side Hustle Show (a podcast) which interviewed Rosemarie Groner from The Busy Budgeter… on blogging.

Now we had never wanted to blog. Everyone kept on saying that it would take years to gain any kind of real income. But Rosemarie had gone from just blogging about her passion for fun to blogging full time and making $5k a month. And she had done this in just a year.. but we wanted this sooner.

My husband had been working plenty of energy draining and soul sucking jobs (no joke), for a number of years and I was tired of seeing him coming home exhausted emotionally and physically. We both wanted change, and this podcast (which you can listen to here), literally changed our lives. It was packed with so much information on how to get started that without it, we’d probably be in the same place we’d always been: stuck.

And 3 months after launching the blog… we were making more than my husband’s corporate job. Just from using Rosemarie’s advice and some newfound ideas that we discovered ourselves.

So down below, we’ll give you the guidance you need to start a blog yourself and tell you what we did in March to get the numbers we have.

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Share it and start earning money

Written by AJ