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for the custard cream : 3 egg yolks , 50g sugar , 20g cake flour ,250ml milk, 15g butter

for the bread dough: 300g bread flour , 80g cake flour , 5g salt, 60g sugar ,5g dry yeast ,60ml warm water, 80ml warm milk, 20 ml warm cream , 80g eggs ,40g butter (room temperature)

method :

custard cream,

1 Heat the milk and the butter in the saucepan until it comes just up to the boil

2 whisk the egg yolks, sugar and sugar together .when it mixed well then pour the boiled milk and whisk to blend.

3  pour the mixture through a strainer and put over a low heat and stirring or whisking constantly until thickened.

4 when cream is thickened enough and flour scent is gone , cover the cream with  plastic food wrap and   keep aside to cool .

Bread dough,

5 sift the cake flour and bread flour together and mix well with salt ,sugar and yeast.

6 warm up the milk, water and the fresh cream (do not boil)

7 mix the flour with all warmed liquids and 80g of eggs .knead the mixture until the dough is smooth and elastic.

8 when the dough is smooth and elastic add butter at room temperature and again knead the dough until butter mix well.

9 when you feel its ready wrap the dough with plastic food wrap and leave till it double in size .

10 when dough size is double let the gas leak out of the dough lightly then slice them in to 8 pieces and dough will need  to be fermented again for another 15 minutes.

11 roll the fermented dough by using the rolling pin and place the custard cream in the center then shape them .

12 this need to fermented again until the dough size is doubled.

13 now place the dough in a pan and bake them in low heat by using gas, make sure to lid is on.

14 when its comes to light brown change the sides ,bake both sides .

Here it is , yummy cream buns without oven.

(if you are using the oven bake it at 200-220 c / 390-400f for about 10 minutes)

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Written by AJ