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You can easily prepare it at home. This is the first, and the most important thing that we will say to you for this recipe. A powerful natural laxative that is a mixture from a fruit rich in fiber for improving your digestion and prunes for treating constipation. In this article we will show what do you need for its preparation:


150 gr. of dates

150 gr. of prunes

5 cups of boiled water

How to prepare it:

Chop the dates and the prunes, and add them in a boiling water. Let the mixture simmer for 10-15 minutes. The mixture needs to cool down and after that you can consume it. It will be enough to take only one tablespoon in the morning on empty stomach. This remedy can be used alone or with cereal or yogurt.

To treat constipation, you can use another way. In water put a few plums to soak overnight. In the morning you are free to use them.

Preventing constipation – useful tips:

Try to eat foods with lots of fiber in them and drink water as much as you can. Consume senna leaves to increase the fiber intake and, for exercising, try with yoga. But feel free to consult with your doctor if this treatment is not working for you and the problem is still here.

Lemon is a good choice to start your day. Drink lemon water because it helps with the digestion and the things will go smoothly.

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Written by AJ