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You sit down (in the best case) and pee. Then press the toilet flush and then wash your hands. So you did everything right – do you think! But there are some arguments for not flushing after you urinate. Here are 6 of them, which are claimed by representatives of this opinion.

  1. It is expensive. 

Water costs money. So, if you skip a rinse, you’ll soon remember the water bill. Just when it gets close to the money, this tip is worth gold.

  1. It disturbs sleep. 

If you have a light sleep, you will be more likely to get up in the morning to pee. This is annoying, but not a drama. However, you should not use the rinse after that: the sound will not only make you wary (and you have more problems falling asleep again), but sometimes even awakens your roommates. One has already heard of neighbors who have complained about nocturnal rinsing – do not rinse could even save the house peace.

  1. It is environmentally harmful. 

When drinking water is further prodded, there is only a few years of global water scarcity. Therefore, each individual should contribute to saving water, for example by dispensing with the rinse after the toilet operation. A normal cistern holds about 10 liters of water. When you go to the bathroom 6 to 10 times a day, you use up to 100 liters – only for rinsing.

  1. It affects the water pressure.

Have you ever been under the shower while someone in the house has used the toilet flush? Then you have probably detected a difference in temperature and you may still have scalded or died a short internal cold death. Not all water systems have the effect of activating the flush to the shower temperature. But once you’ve noticed this, you can do a favor to your neighbors by not flushing your urine.

  1. Urine is largely clean. 

Sterile is not your pee. However, you can assume that it is cleaner than your saliva. So your urine is clean enough to stay in the toilet for a few hours before it is rinsed down.

  1. Rinsing is more unhygienic. 

Most people feel at first that the idea of rinsing the toilet flush one or more times, initially disgust. But the following fact will surprise many: in fact, more germs are spread in the rinsing than if you do not. When you flush, tiny little splashes of toilets, mixed with urine and faecal bacteria, are distributed in the bath. Sink as rarely as possible, and if you do, you should do it with the lid closed.


If the arguments have convinced you, then you should often skip a rinse. However, this is not recommended in public toilets and in the office, unless your colleagues agree. If you convincingly explain why the urine should not be flushed down with every toilet, this is certainly feasible. Who would not like to save money and at the same time do something good for the environment?


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Written by AJ