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There is a saying that says that the future is in our hands. Well, there are people who practise this art of predicting a person’s future and character by looking at the lines on the palms.

For the greater part of us, palmistry is something foreign and bizarre. But, the mysterious faith in a history written in our palms overruns right up until the present time, and is the final product of a rich culture and history.


Many nations and societies practise palmistry, yet its roots lie in India, and it was spread in Europe in the time of the renaissance. It was portrayed in the work of art “The Fortune Teller” by Michaelangelo.

You shouldn’t be some sort of wizard to read a palm.

Truth be told, anybody can do it if they know which line tells what. If you take a gander at your palms now, you may detect the letter “M.”

What you won’t know is the thing that these lines determine your character and personality.

Alright, if you found the “M” letter on your hand, you should keep reading. In palmistry there are three primary lines, the shape and length of which have the greatest influence in any reading.

The three lines speak to your head, life and heart lines, which may form the M letter; said to mean fortune. Those of you with a M have an adjusted and balanced set of attributes, which is great.

As indicated by palm reading specialists, a well-shaped M letter means that you are a naturally intuitive person.

Individuals who have the M letter have great social skills, and strong sense for business.

Ladies who have the letter M have even stronger intuition than men, are honest, and can spot a liar very easy.

The M letter can likewise speak to wealth. Having these lines implies the person likes to solve mysteries, and could be pulled in to professions in the legislative issues or legal system.

Also, they could be attracted to journalism, since they are always seeking for the truth and looking for answers.

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Written by AJ