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The size of one’s butt may say a lot about the overall health of a person. It is commonly believed that fat storages anywhere are terrible for the body, but this may not be entirely accurate.

While obesity is a growing problem throughout the nation due to unhealthy diets and a lack of physical activity, studies show that you may actually be more healthy than your counterparts if your fat is strategically stored in your lower half.

The scientists stated that the storage of fat in the chest and torso are more dangerous than the storage in the hips and buttocks. So it’s okay to have a little junk in your trunk, but you should always strive to keep a healthy weight.  Make sure the shape of your butt is not too square.

In women, the hormone that directs fat storage is very important in determining the health condition further. A study also states that people with slightly bigger backs also tend to be more intelligent.

Research found that women with large buttocks tend to have low cholesterol content and is able to produce more hormone needed to metabolize sugar. Big butt needs more Omega-3 fats useful to catalyze the development of the brain, in other words, large buttock has been associated with brain health.

Square Derriere

A square-shaped base could mean many things. Maybe the person has a bit of fat around the love handles, or maybe the person exercises but does not have strong glutes. Some simple core exercises or glute exercises are just the things to reduce excess fat around the waist and make the glute muscles nice and strong.

Circle Booty

This form indicates that the person has some fat storage near the top of the glutes. People with this form of ass could be very easily removing the extra fat on the bottom.

Heart Shaped Bum

This is the most idealized form. This form indicates that excess fat is stored in the upper thigh. Along with increasing age in women, this type tends to lose fat faster.

V for Voyage

The V shape is most common in older women as fat stored in the buttocks starts to move up due to decreasing estrogen levels. If you start to notice the upward movement of fat, amp up activity and glute exercise before it settles in a less healthy spot. It doesn’t hurt to increase your ab exercise regime too!

How to Tone your Bum

Be sure to stretch out those muscles before attempting this workout.  All you need is 10 minutes a day to tighten your glutes and upper thighs.  The shape of your butt will become more like a heart….good and healthy.


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Written by AJ