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As a result of aging or pregnancy, the women very often get saggy breasts. Some of the ways which will make the problem disappear are to put implants or breast lift, but, to put implants is very expensive plus the time you are going to spend on a recovery. There are healthier ways to fix the sagging breasts, some of them are aerobic with chest strengthening exercises.


One of the Chest exercises is push-ups many people don`t like them, but, they are beneficial. Ladies pay attention; push-ups can help you if you have sagging breasts. We don`t need to explain to you how to do pushups because everyone has done it at least once in their life. Do it in 3 times with ten reps.

Aerobic Exercise:


Aerobic exercises are perfect for the fat around your breasts. We suggest you try cross country skiing, swimming which is cardio training will also help you. If you don`t like swimming or cross country skiing, there are other ways, like running, walking or jumping rope. The best way to fix the problem is to have at least 30 min cardio training every day or at least four times a week.


Yoga can also fit into your daily exercise routine. By doing yoga, your muscles are improving not only that helps with the muscles it contributes to calm your mind.

Don`t Smoke!

Smoking is the reason for many diseases, like lung cancer or bad blood flow, it`s going to harm your body, and that`s not good. In this case, when we are speaking about saggy breasts, smoking is not good for your skin because it causes skin tissue to fall apart.


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Written by AJ