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Ready to say au revoir to redness and shaving irritation? Here are six ways to those red shaving bumps from ruining your summer:

1.       Shave with the grain.

Your legs, face, bikini line or wherever you are about to shave is not a roast or a piece of meat. Yes, going against the hair growth is effective, but it’s also a surefire way to irritate the skin. On the most sensitive areas—especially the bikini line—shave with the hair growth. According to The Rules of Style, shave against the growth after you’ve shaven with the growth. Curly haired individuals should probably always shave with the growth of hair (or with the grain!).

2.       Don’t ever dry-shave.

Never shave without lubrication. And by lubrication, I don’t just mean water. Dry shaving leads to serious skin irritation…and not a very close shave. Be sure to use some sort of gel, oil or cream.


3.       Change those blades!

Ugh. Old blades are dirty and nasty. And using old, worn and dull blades will more than likely lead to more cuts and skin irritation. Change blades or razors (if you’re using disposable) when you feel like the blade isn’t cutting it any longer. There is no hard and fast time rule on blade changing, but they do need to be swapped regularly.

4.       Moisturize.

Keeping skin moisturized after shaving also helps prevent those red irritating bumps. Shaving with coconut oil provides a close shave and adds immediate moisture. You also can just apply your favorite lotion or oil after shaving.

5.    Don’t speed shave!

Shaving isn’t a race. Yes, there are days when you’re hurrying, but a quick shave is one that will result in a mess. Don’t skimp on shaving time. Be thorough and don’t treat the skin like a race track.

As for those skin bumps, all hope is not lost if you see them this summer. Healing the skin after a rough, quick shave is imperative to alleviate the bumps and ingrown hairs. Use Tend Skin® Liquid on the legs, face, under arms or bikini line to reduce appearance of ingrown hairs and razor burns.

Now enjoy the warm weather by throwing on your favorite shorts, miniskirts and dresses. And wear those teeny bikinis with pride knowing that those bumps will be history!


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Written by AJ