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Chemicals are something we are surrounded with, whether it is triclosan or fluoride found in our deodorant or the cosmetic creams that we use every day. Most importantly it is found that our toothpaste also consists of chemicals and which makes it mandatory to replace the conventional toothpaste with natural products.


You can’t just be dependent on the FDA reports as a lot of politics and business strategies are there to influence the reports. Check out the evidence which clearly state the harmful impact of triclosan on our body.

It’s time to be conscious of the things you use in daily life and replace the products with harmful chemicals and go for the natural alternatives.

There are many alternative and natural methods available to make your own toothpaste. The paste will be made up of natural ingredients and thus it will be free from the chemical. The dental care will be at highest priority so that the natural paste will keep your teeth clean and healthy.

Making OWN Toothpaste, is it Easy?

It is not at all difficult to make your own toothpaste. Many of the teeth cleaning agents are around us and present in our kitchen cabinet. You just have to pick one of the ingredients to start the preparation of homemade toothpaste.

There are many popular stories from Native Americans or Egyptians along with the Father of Medicine the  Hippocrates that ancient human being was using wood ash or charcoal to keep their teeth clean. So, let’s pick the charcoal as a basic material of the home made tooth paste or powder.

You can use soot to get the ash required to make tooth powder. It burns well and you can try to burn the wood on the ash bed to get better ash.

How Activated Charcoal Works to Whiten Your Teeth?

The teeth get most damaged due to the tannins content in the food or drinks that we consume. The prime benefit of activated charcoal is that it removes the tannis using adsorption process.

The porous surface of charcoal works well to attract the materials to it and holds it in the pores. This action makes the teeth clean without affect the calcium in the teeth or enamel.

What are the Benefits of Activated Charcoal?

Here are some important benefits of activated charcoal which will make you very excited to use it as a teeth cleaning agent

  • It act as a stain remover and make your teeth naturally white. It also helps to heal mouth sores and removes the accumulated plaque. Application of activated charcoal keeps your gums healthy.
  • When ingested, the charcoal prevents the toxins get absorbed by the stomach. It works more effectively than the conventional medicines and provides relief from toxin related issue in just 1 hour time. It is also a toxin cleanser and helps to get rid of harmful toxin present in the body.
  • The application of activated charcoal provides relief from bug bites, spider bites, stings, poison ivy rashes as well as snake bites. So, it is good to keep activated charcoal handy in your kitchen.
  • The use of charcoal works great on the skin. You can use it as an exfoliator and improve the texture of your skin. The sponge of activated charcoal is the best remedy to get a smooth skin


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Written by AJ