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Many people face the issue of cracked heels, dry, and rough skin. His appears due to wearing uncomfortable shoes, improper care, unhealthy diet, and lack of moisture. This can be quite annoying and unappealing issue.

There is an amazing natural remedy that can help you improve your condition and provide you with smooth and silky feet. In order to solve the issue, you’d need only 2 ingredients. Moreover, this mixture can help you with corns and varicose veins.


  • 10 pills of aspirin;
  • 250 ml of 70% alcohol.

How to prepare it: crush the pills into a fine powder and then mix it with the alcohol. Let it stay for 1-2 days and then start using it.

How to use it: shake it well and soak a cotton pad in it, placing the pads on the affected spots. Wrap them with a plastic foil and put on socks. Let it stay during the night. In the morning, wash, wipe, and dry your feet and apply a fatty cream or glycerol. The procedure needs to be repeated each night as you feel necessary, but 10 days will be enough for perfect results.


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Written by AJ