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For a long time, father Romano Zago from Brazil concentrated the Aloe Vera plant and figured out how to find a characteristic cure for tumor, which was distributed in his book “Growth Can Be Cured”. While serving God among the poor in Brazil, father Zago saw that many individuals utilize Aloe to treat various diseases. Seeing its advantages, he began inquiring about the plant and put in 20 years on it.

He kept contemplating Aloe Vera in the wake of moving to Bethlehem, where regardless he lives today. Father Romano says that he has cured numerous patients from bosom, colon, prostate, cerebrum, bone growth and leukemia totally normally with the assistance of the stunning plant.



The formula requires the aloe arborescens plant, which is more intense than plain Aloe Vera. On the off chance that you can’t discover this plant in your nation, you can utilize Aloe Vera. Wash 300 gr. of Aloe leaves and expel the thistles, at that point cut them on pieces and blend them with 500 gr. of nectar and 6 tablespoons of an intense mixed refreshment in a blender. In the event that you don’t drink liquor, utilize a similar measure of apple juice vinegar. Blend for a few minutes, at that point exchange the blend to a glass jug and keep it in the cooler.


Take 1-2 tablespoons of the blend 30 minutes before dinners 3 times each day. Shake the jug or container a long time before utilization. In the first place, we propose taking 3 teaspoons per day, at that point twofold the dosage. The blend ought to keep going for around 10-12 days. Complete it, at that point take a 10-dawn and rehash the procedure if necessary. The treatment can be securely utilized with regular tumor treatments. The 10-sunrise is prescribed because of the low level of danger which Aloe has, yet in the event that you can persevere it, you may even skirt the break.

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Written by AJ