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If you are trying to get pregnant and you don’t get a positive pregnancy test for a certain period, it is about time to think about the factors that reduce the chances of having a baby.

It is well-known fact that using birth control pills, breastfeeding, as well as smoking, consuming excessive amounts of alcohol, household chemicals are the main factors that significantly reduce the chances of pregnancy, but there are hidden reasons that also reduce these chances. Below you can read about 5 things that you should pay attention to if you are trying to get pregnant.

  • Excessive consummation of trans-fats

Trans-fats are contained in fried foods, baked goods, snacks and chips and it is scientifically proved that these unsaturated fatty acids have a negative impact on fertility. Experts explain that trans-fats impact the ovulation and can cause up to a 73% increased risk of the anovulatory disorder. Instead of trans-fats, you should eat healthy carbohydrates. You can eat snacks such as bananas, whole grain rye crispbread, almonds, or yogurt with berries.

  • You are overexercising

Despite the fact that exercising and physical activity improve the fertility to a certain extent, it is of extreme importance not to force yourself. Namely, overexercising can impact the balance of energy and negatively affect the reproductive cycle.

Studies have shown that long and intense exercising has a negative impact on the ability to get pregnant. Doctors explain that when it comes to overall health and wellbeing, moderation is the key.

  • Low body mass index

Scientists discovered that low BMI (or more precisely, BMI that is lower than normal) increases the risk of ovarian dysfunction, infertility, and preterm birth.

Very often, low BMI is associated with eating disorders and that might have a negative impact on the menstruation and fertility.

If you cannot keep track of your nutrition, it is advisable to use an app that will help you to track the calorie intake and your BMI.

  • Your partner is stressed out

There are many studies which have proved that chronic stress has a significant impact on the fertility of the male partner. Namely, some people cannot cope with the problems caused by the life stressors, including work, social life, and even family.

  • You use the wrong lubricant

Many couples use lubricants for s*xual excitement, but these products might affect the changes of pregnancy. Namely, if you are trying to get pregnant, you need to choose the type of lubricant you use very carefully and thus improve the chances of pregnancy. On the market, you can find lubricants that may be beneficial for male fertility. It is advisable to buy lubricants with appropriate pH level (7.2-8.0) or buy lubricants that contain magnesium ions and calcium which imitate the natural fluids of the human body.

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Written by AJ