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The location of acne on the body or the face says a lot about our health. To read the signs is very simple. Different location areas of them correspond to different disease and problems.

In this article you will read how to find out the main problems of the body.

Which disease you suffer? Find out from the position of your acne!

Area 1: Hormones

If you have them on your neck and chin, then you have a problem with your adrenal gland. The reason for their appearance may be excessive consumption of sugar and also strong stress.

Area 2 and 3: Stress

If you have them on your shoulders, then you are overloaded with decreased immunity. Just find a free time and relax.

Area 4: The digestive system

If you have them on the chest, then something is wrong with digestion system or that exaggerate the unhealthy diets. You have to change the diet and acne will disappear.

Area 5 and 6: Level of fat

This is a sign that your body is missing vitamins. You do not need to consume vitamin pills. A lot of studies have shown that it do not have the same effect like vitamins in vegetables and fruits.

Area 7: Levels of blood sugar

When you have acne in the stomach , it is because off the high levels of blood sugar. Eat more fruits and vegetables and they will disappear soon.

Area 8: Hygiene or STDs

Acne on this area can be caused by poor hygiene.

Area 9 and 10, skin problems or allergies

Acne on upper legs and the hips are usually a reaction to detergents or cosmetics. The lower legs acne often arise from waxing or shaving.

Area 11 and 12, nervous and digestive systems

If you have them in this area then you are not getting enough sleep or your diet is rich in high-calorie foods.

Area 13 and 14: Problems with the digestive system

If you have acne on this area this is again a sign of problems with the consumption of unhealthy foods or the digestive system.

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Written by AJ