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Stretch marks, wrinkles, acnes and burns prevail problems among people nowadays, particularly ladies. They purchase various creams and try many treatments that can be very costly just to assist themselves, however they don’t work. The active ingredients contain many healing residential or commercial properties, however only a small number of people know that these two ingredients blended together can do wonders for our skin.

This remarkable mixture is best for removing stretch marks really rapidly.

This mix preparation is very easy! You can save a lot of loan due to the fact that you can make it at your house!

It is 100% natural your acnes, stretch marks, wrinkles, and burns will disappear without any adverse effects at all!

The amazing advantages of Aloe Vera:

Treating sunburn or burns that are caused from fire, boiling water, and so on
. Skin renewal and natural skin hydration.
Avoiding or concealing wrinkles, imperfections and stretch marks
Calming inflamed skin and allergic skin reactions

he advantages of Coconut:

Natural skin hydration
Offering a natural shine of the skin
Advised particularly for individuals with dry skin

Fantastic RECIPE for all skin problems:


113 grams of Aloe Vera gel (gel, not juice).
113 grams of natural coconut (strong type).
3-4 drops of any important oil (lavender or vanilla oils ).


In a small bowl put the coconut oil and aloe vera gel and mix them well. For about 5 minutes stir the mixture up until you get a bright and homogenous mass. Include 3-4 drops of any essential oil and shop the mix in a clean glass container with a good lid. You should keep the mix at space temperature level.


Typically right after showering when the pores of the skin are open use this mixture on your skin. All the beneficial active ingredients the skin will then absorb and in no time you’ll see positive results!


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Written by AJ