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A simple trick with a spoon will reveal whether you have health problems and without going to the doctor. All you need is a spoon and nylon bag, in this way you can check if everything is ok with your respiratory system, intestines, hormones, metabolism, kidneys or teeth.

The only thing you need to do is with the spoon to remove small deposits from the surface of the tongue. When you perform this, try to remove layers as close to the throat.

After that, wrap the spoon in the nylon bag and allow it to stand 60 seconds under the strong bulb. The bright light from the bulb helps the development of bacteria, so with a stronger bulb, the result will be more visible.


With a healthy man, the deposits will be clean. However, if there are too many, they are strange in color and unpleasant smell, it can be an early sign of lung problems or breathing pathways, liver, kidneys, intestines or hormones. If you get this result, it would not be a bad idea to visit a doctor and examine what exactly is going on.

Also, this test can reveal whether you have an unpleasant breath, which people are often unaware of.

If it is a fruity fragrance, it can indicate ketoacidosis, or a disorder of metabolism, which can even cause the development of diabetes. If you feel an unpleasant odor that resembles ammonia, it is very possible that you have problems with the kidneys.

If white or yellow spots appear on the spoon in the thick layer, it is possible that it is a thyroid dysfunction.
The purple stain will show you bronchitis, poor circulation, or high cholesterol.
White stain is an indicator of respiratory infection, and orange indicates kidney disease.

However, do not panic immediately – an unpleasant breath does not always have to be a sign of the disease of the internal organs. In fact, usually it comes to problems with tonsils or gums, and decay and bad teeth.


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Written by AJ